Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year......12 days late

Getting tired of that old blog look, so I'm just trying out some new stuff...not sure if it'll stay all day or not, but just wanted to liven up the place!  We have been pretty busy with games EVERY night, homework, school, dentist appointments, blah, blah.....the things that make life, well, LIFE. 

Christmas was warm and cozy here.  Really didn't do a whole lot, just stayed close to home, which I LOVE.  It was good that we didn't have to fight the cold weather and travel.  This was the first year that Jake didn't believe in Santa, so it was a little different.  We wrapped all of the presents and the kids opened a few at Gran and Papa's on Christmas Eve, then they opened the rest on Christmas morning.  I liked the fact that everything was wrapped, but did miss the surprise on their faces as they walked down the stairs to see all their goodies lying underneath the Christmas tree.  

Joe's family came to visit during New Years.  His Mom stayed for several days and had a good visit.  Brandon and David brought their families and on January 2nd we went to the Liberty Bowl to watch the Razorbacks play East Carolina.  It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!!!!  We suffered through the 1st half, then hit the road for an enjoyable, WARM meal at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Memphis!  I felt so sorry for the kids....Jake said, "Mom, I can't feel my hands OR my butt!!"  Then, once, I looked over at him and he had huge tears rolling down his cheeks.  That was it for me.  That was NOT FUN!  We loaded up and found a warmer place to enjoy!  They were troopers though. They probably would have stayed the entire game, but I knew they really didn't want to.  When I told Joe that I was going to take them to the car and asked if he was staying or going, he jumped at the chance to leave!  

Basketball has pretty much been taking up our nights this week.  Both Anna and Jake have had games Monday and Tuesday nights and both have games again on Thursday.  It's the first time that I can remember that we have had games on the same night.  I don't like having to choose which one to watch each night.  I went to Anna's game on Monday, because she was doing a back handspring during their halftime performance, then I automatically chose Jake on Tuesday night, since I missed him on Monday....don't know about Thursday yet......

Well, sorry there isn't a lot to blog about today, but I felt I needed to let everyone know that we survived the holidays!!  One of our elementary teachers, Sharla Fultz, is going to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal tonight, so if you can, check her out!  I hope she wins $500,000!!!  Anna's cheerleading coach is flying to LA on Friday to tape Wheel of Fortune.  I think it will not air until sometime in April, but I'll keep you informed when the time is closer.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Bye for now..