Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little of This and a Whole Lot a That

I just got a sweet note (reminder) from a friend on facebook that said she enjoyed reading my blog.....Blog??....What Blog????  Oh, the one that I have neglected so much lately that it doesn't even want to belong to me anymore??  Yes, THAT blog!  As usual, my excuse is that I have been really busy (insert sad face here).  Actually, my life is just plain BORING and I hate to admit it to anyone!  

So, friends, lets get started on what has been going on with us, Life on the Hill!

First off, let me brag a little...both kids had all A's on their report cards!!  YES!!  That is all I will say about that.  (Sounds like a line out of Forrest Gump that we watched last week!)

Gran had another birthday on October 28, so I got to make her a cake!!  I love making birthday cakes.  It seems we have a lot of birthdays in the months of August, September and October, so we are sick of cake by October, but I still love making them.  Here is Gran's cake....

It was a HUGE cake.  It looks normal, I know, but it took 2 cake recipes and 3 pounds of confectioner's sugar!  LOTS-O-CAKE.

I also made a few cupcakes for Jake to take to his Halloween Party at school.  He requested purple cupcakes with bright green icing with gummy eyes and "something else gross" on top...Here ya go....

Fall here is in full swing.  The trees aren't as pretty as we normally have this time of year, I guess because of all the dry weather that we had this summer.  I plan on driving around later today to see if I can find a good pic for you.  

Jake finished football last Tuesday.  He made an interception the very last play of the game.  I can not begin to tell you how excited he was.  He HAD TO HAVE these Vapor-Jet gloves, so that he could play better (insert sarcastic face here).  It was amazing how much better these $40 gloves made him play and feel!!  Anyway, the gloves finally paid off with this interception!  Here is his team and individual picture..

This past weekend, Jake's best friend, Logan (#40), moved to Utah.  He and Jake spent their last two nights together doing what boys do, playing football in the yard and playing video games.  It broke my heart to see Logan's mom drive down our driveway to pick him up.  They are such good friends and I wonder if we will ever get to see him again.  They are moving about 2 hours from Las Vegas, so I'm thinking by Spring Break, we will have a trip planned for them to see each other again.   We love you Logan!!

Anna cheered her last football game of the year last Thursday and her first basketball game is tonight. Ughhhh.  Couldn't they give us a week to recuperate?  Man!  She likes cheering for football better than basketball, so it makes for a very long season.

I spent all night, okay, 2 hours, cleaning out our pantry.  We are building new cabinets, wall to wall, starting tomorrow....I hope!  If you have ever dealt with construction, you know that tomorrow means "later, not today, maybe tomorrow, but probably closer to next week or the week after that."  I looked that up in Webster's Dictionary, I promise!  ha  Lucky for me, I already knew that definition, so I have absolutely NO expectations of when it will start, or more importantly, when it will be complete.  

Here is a sneak peek at my latest crafty project.  


It is a project that Ali Edwards does on her website.  She walks you through one step at a time.  I started this last year, but didn't get it completed.  This year, it WILL be done!  The idea, if you have never heard of it, is to make an album BEFORE December and each day, you record what you do during the holiday season, day by day....hence the name, "Daily December".  My plan is to record, with journaling and pictures, our routine, traditions, recipes, etc.  The book will already be assembled and I just put in the pictures and a little writing and it will be done when Christmas rolls around.  

Well, I better get moving...Thanks for reading and come back again soon.  Thanks to Ginger for making me blog!  I love you!!

Bella and Jake send their love....

  Bye for now.......