Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Excited for 2011

This was our Christmas card for this year.  Anna and Jake HATE it when I drag out the camera and tell them it it Christmas card picture day!  This year, I decided to get a non-biased person involved, and had our picture made by someone outside the family.  She was sweet enough to sell me the digital copy of the photo and I made the cards myself.  I really liked the way they turned out and the kids were happy too.  I consider this a major success.  Maybe we will do this every year!!!

We had a really good Christmas.  I like that the kids are getting old enough now that they don't want "toys".  I don't feel nearly as bad when I am buying clothes and things that I know the kids need, rather than toys that they will only play with for a month or so.  Jake is VERY MUCH into video games now.   I'm not real crazy about it, but I guess it is part of teenage life now.  Anna wanted clothes, clothes, and more clothes.  She got a retro pink Northface jacket and toboggan to match.  She got rain boots (leopard print), a camouflage/rhinestone belt, Coach "Poppy" perfume, etc.  Jake's main gift was a paintball gun.  He was over-the-top excited.  He got a lot of clothes too....he was okay with that and I was glad that I could use the excuse to buy him some new stuff.

Our Christmas....

Jake, Gran and Anna getting ready to eat

Anna and Jake acting goofy

Papa and Gran

Joe took me to Fort Smith on Christmas Eve to get my gift.  About a month ago, he told me he was thinking of getting me a new camera.  I couldn't believe it!  I had, quietly, thought of a new camera, but had never mentioned it to him.  What a suprise when he mentioned it to me!!!!  I love taking pictures and, eventhough my camera was fine, this new one is AWESOME!  It is a Canon EOS Rebel  T2i.  He also got me a cute camera bag, camera strap, zoom lens, and tripod.  Come to think of it, maybe I WILL take our Christmas picture next year!!

Joe had no idea what I was getting him.  He had been looking at a Big Green Egg for a couple of months and this was the perfect opportunity to get it.  He had talked to his cousin, Darrell, a month or so ago about his and Joe was really wanting one.  We have cooked on it twice and love it.  The first night we tried steaks and the next night, hamburgers.  Both were really good. (love the apron!!)

We had Christmas Eve with Gran and Papa.  It was nice to stay home throughout the holiday.  We will see Joe's family around January 1, on our way to see the Hogs play in New Orleans.  

We will leave next Saturday.  We are all so excited to go to The Sugar Bowl!!  A lot of people we know are going, so it should be a lot of fun.

Before Christmas, our pantry was finished and I love it.  I can't believe how much more room I have.  It is SO much neater than before.  Here are some before and after pictures.



 I must put this in here somewhere, but the picture above with the black garbage bag hanging on the refrigerator door....it is not NORMALLY there.  I was cleaning out the shelves before I moved it all to another room and needed a handy place to hang the bag...didn't want you to think I was TOTALLY white trash or something!!  

Just a few more pictures of the insides of the cabinets....

I left this shelf open for cookbooks and for cereal/crackers.

I love that I can walk in my pantry and know where everything is. 
Well, I hope you and  your family had a wonderful Christmas.  I'm still working on my Daily December project, but as soon as it's finished I'll post it.

Going on a double date tonight to see Little Fockers, so bye for now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily December 1

Late, I know, but technically it is still December 2nd, so here are my first entries....

The page on the right has a transparency with a green design on it, so it is a little hard to see the picture.  Here is a close up after turning the transparency....

Bye for now......

Thanksgiving 2010 & Happy December

Merry Christmas!!!

Thanksgiving here was perfect.  I love cooking those once (or twice) a year dishes for our family.  Our menu this year was:

Turkey and Dressing
Greenbean Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Cranberry Relish
Anna's favorite Cheesecake

Mama and I split the cooking duties this year to make it a little easier on both of us, mainly her.  

Mama's kitchen

Here is my plate


Traditionally, we always have Thanksgiving with my mom and dad on Wednesday night, then early Thursday morning we head out to Warren, to spend the day with Joe's family.  This year was no different and it was nice to spend time with everyone without all the hustle and bustle.  After lunch, the kids and Joe headed to deer camp and I spent the night with Joe's mom.  The next morning I headed to Lake Village, to one of my favorite stores, Paul Michael's.

We decided to revamp our Christmas tree this year, so of course we had to have new ornaments!!  Here is our "New (and improved) Tree!"  

It's different from years past, but Anna is having a party for all her friends on the 18th and I thought it was more "stylish" than our more traditional decorations. She really likes it, so it is worth all the fuss!

Here are a few more decorations

Anna killed her first deer at camp.  It was a doe, but she was still really excited.  Apparently, after shooting her, Anna realized the deer was really sick.  Had a bad infection on it's leg, so it was good that she killed her.  Maybe later this year, or next she will get the buck she has been wanting!

This year I have started a Daily December album.  It is an idea that was started by Ali Edwards, a scrapbooker and mother of two.  You can read more about her on her website, but it is a project that is, hopefully, begun many days before the month of December, then when the month actually rolls around, you just snap a few pictures and fill in with journaling of how you spend your days leading up to Christmas.  Thankfully, I already have my album ready for pictures this year.  I hope it will be a fun way to document our holiday season.  

Here are a few pictures of my album.  

Side view

 Inside cover

This is the page for December 4

A closer view

I didn't take pictures of every page, but I will show them to you each day during the month of December, so keep checking back.

Joe's grandson, Klayton, has a birthday on Sunday, so here is a peek at his card I made earlier this week.
Happy Birthday Klayton, we love you!!

Bye for now (I'll be back later today)...