Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's that time of year again!!

This is one of my favorite times of year....FALL! I love it for thousands of reasons, but mainly because I get to watch my kiddos play and cheer at football games! It is getting a little cooler now and it is nice to be able to sit out on the porch or by the pool and listen to our water fall/fountain. The deer have been out a lot here...saw 9 last night and 4 again this morning.

There have been about 50 Canadian geese in our pond for the last week or so.

Last week we had a visitor of a different color....I have never seen these birds here before.
Zoe let them know real quick that they were not welcomed by her!!

So they left!

I just love it here. I never know what I will see when I look at the front door! I always dread when I see an armadillo, or heaven forbid, a SKUNK! Zoe never misses anything. If something comes on any of our land she knows instinctively...like an alarm was tripped! Here is Zoe.

Every day is a new day for this crazy dog. She is completely and utterly living each day to the fullest. As some of you know, she was found on our building site Christmas Eve of 2006, I believe. She was hairless, freezing, wet, and infested with mange. We figure she was probably 2 months old. Someone had poured used motor oil/diesel all over her, I suppose to try to cure the mange. She was literally next to death. Joe brought her home, rather than putting her out of her misery (bless his big heart). We nursed her back to health and she has never let us forget it! She is, as Ms. Abbie calls her, a Goofy Dog!, but I think that is what makes her so lovable. I often tell people, if she sees a bird you would think it was the VERY FIRST bird she had ever seen. She is that way about life...maybe we should learn something from her...maybe she is not that "goofy" after all. Maybe she just lives life.

I love you Zoe!

School is going great for Anna and Jake. I think Anna was made for Jr. High. She has loved every day of it so far! There is something to be said about that, cause Anna can always find something wrong, but not this time!!! Yeah! She has band first period. She is attempting to play the trombone. Anna cheered in the Red and White Scrimmage game last Friday night. They did a great job. All of the practicing this summer really paid off. I am so proud of her. I asked her after the game if it was as much fun as she thought it would be and she said, "More!!"

Anna is one of the bases. (middle, left)
She obviously has her Dad's brute strength!!

Jake seems to like 4th grade. He is really excited about football. We signed up last Saturday...x-small pants, small helment, small pads, 64 lbs! I think the scales may be a little off, but maybe the other team will think he is bigger than he really is!!! I'm sure they will be shaking in their boots, uh, I mean...cleats!


These, I guess, are what they call the dog days of summer, as Rebel can attest to... I snapped this picture yesterday without him noticing. I love that dog!

We worked in the back yard all weekend trying to get ready for landscaping! It has been a lot of work and it has only begun. I hope to start putting out plants next week. Joe's Mom is coming and I'll get her expertise on what to plant and where to plant it! She loves doing that and I could use the guidance. Maybe I'll have pictures soon.

Here is a picture of my wonderful parents. Thought I'd throw that in for those of you who know and love them as much as we do! Anna took this pic in Florida.

Oh, and a few more of us from Florida that I found earlier today!

Anna and Jake in Florida

Bye for now!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Do you hear that? I do...listen...it's the sound of NOTHING!!! No, "Mama, I'm bored", "MOM!!", "Mom, can I go to (insert one of 10 girls names)?", "Mom, tell Jake to leave me alone!!!!" Well, you get the picture...It is officially the 1st day of school!!

Does she look nervous?

Too bad you couldn't see the plaid shoes!! He think if it is plaid, it must match!! I have to choose my battles and this is not one I choose!!!

We got up pretty early, ironed a few things and out the door we went to take pictures! Everything went fairly smooth...surprisingly. Anna wanted to take her lunch as they only have 30 minutes to serve 3 classrooms for lunch. Probably close to 450 kids! Anyway, she didn't want to have to wait forever then gobble down her food (right before P.E.).

I have been real busy since they left, but I am thinking about them constantly!! Anna is in a new school this year. Its also her first year to have a locker and that brings its own set of problems!! She has a bottom locker and has heard a few nightmares about the mean, ugly, hateful kids that dwell in the top lockers. Hopefully she won't have any bruises or cuts when she gets home!!

It's going to be a busy week...cheerleading practice, football sign ups, tumbling (or stumbling as my dad calls it), haircut with highlights for Anna, Red and White football game, and dentist appointment somewhere in there for Joe!

We have had two birthdays in the past couple of weeks...The first one was Anna on August 1. The orange dots on the right side are for the candles (all 12)!! ha

Here is Anna's cake.

This is Joe's cake...August 12

Well, I'm trying to clean my pantry and organize it a little better, so wish me luck!! Tomorrow I'm off to the laundry room..Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sorry, but internet is lacking here...takes about 15 minutes to load a page! Anyway, I'm here and wanted to say hello to everyone. We have had a blast this week!!
Gran, Joe, Anna & Jake all went parasailing today. I heard they had a great time...here is the picture to prove it!!

We have eaten at several places. Tonight and last night we at at The Back Porch. It is next door to us here at the condo and the food is really good. We have eaten at Joe's Crab Shack once and Ruth's Chris Steak House once.

Last night we walked on the beach and lucky for us...NO JELLYFISH!!!!!! We went racing today...I can't help but be a little competitive! Jake loves that about me! ha

Can you imagine our Gran in bumper cars?? She has been a real trooper. She may not be able to get out of bed next week, but man did she have a ball!!

We are planning on going to Big Kahuna's all day tomorrow. It will be a lot of water and HEAT!! Gran and Papa are heading back to Arkansas in the morning. I will try to post again later.

Bye for now!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello Fom Destin!

Well, after 2 days on the road, we finally made it to Florida!! Actually, we could have made it in 1 day, but we took a few detours along the way. We stopped in Mississippi to visit with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Carol (and more importantly Cara Beth)!! Anna and Jake had so much fun with her. We celebrated Anna's 12th Birthday with them. Thank you both for letting us visit!! Here is a picture of the kids.

Aunt Carol suggested we try Felix's Fish Camp in Mobile, Alabama for dinner and she was right! It was delicious! Here is Anna posing in front of the restaurant.

Then, from there we made it to the beach in Destin!! Jake and Anna couldn't wait to get on the beach, until they heard the word "Jellyfish!!!" Jake got stung on the top and back of his foot and had to be soaked with vinegar, the treatment for jellyfish stings if you don't have meat tenderizer apparently. Today Joe and Jake have gone to ride go-carts and look around while the rest of us recuperate and relax!! Hope everyone is having a great week...

Bye for now...