Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello Fom Destin!

Well, after 2 days on the road, we finally made it to Florida!! Actually, we could have made it in 1 day, but we took a few detours along the way. We stopped in Mississippi to visit with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Carol (and more importantly Cara Beth)!! Anna and Jake had so much fun with her. We celebrated Anna's 12th Birthday with them. Thank you both for letting us visit!! Here is a picture of the kids.

Aunt Carol suggested we try Felix's Fish Camp in Mobile, Alabama for dinner and she was right! It was delicious! Here is Anna posing in front of the restaurant.

Then, from there we made it to the beach in Destin!! Jake and Anna couldn't wait to get on the beach, until they heard the word "Jellyfish!!!" Jake got stung on the top and back of his foot and had to be soaked with vinegar, the treatment for jellyfish stings if you don't have meat tenderizer apparently. Today Joe and Jake have gone to ride go-carts and look around while the rest of us recuperate and relax!! Hope everyone is having a great week...

Bye for now...

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