Thursday, July 31, 2008

Counting Down the Days

Time to start packing I guess...we leave for Florida tomorrow!!! It will be so nice to get away for awhile! We will take our time getting there, probably 2 days.

Anna has called from camp every day. It sounds like she is having a good time. Yesterday she was a little "down", but by the time we got off the phone she seemed better. She will get home around noon tomorrow and then we're off!!! We will celebrate her birthday on the road. I'm going to make her cake tonight...she prefers homemade to store-bought. I always enjoy decorating their birthday cake for them!! Maybe if I get a chance, I'll post a picture of it online.

Jake has been bitten by swimmer's ear and he isn't doing really well with it! We have him on medicine, but it isn't working yet... I told him maybe it will kick in today. Wouldn't you know, going to FLORIDA and we get swimmer's ear 2 days before!!

I've been scrapping some, even though I should be packing. I'm going to teach a class soon at our local scrapbook store, Memories by Design. I wanted to get it started so I could get some ideas for pictures to take while on vacation. It is entitled, "Ocean".
I think it will be fun to do for a class. We'll see. Here is a quick picture of it and one page...the opposite page isn't done, so sorry for the incompleteness...(is that spelled right Mom?) Anyway, you get the idea.

Took a picture of one of our 15 or 20 hummingbirds yesterday. They swarm like bees and kinda scary when you are sitting on the back patio.

I've got to get moving...probably won't post but one more time before we leave.
Bye for now!

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