Wednesday, July 2, 2008

PAD July 2nd

I'm going to try to get this posted early, before Jake wakes up...he says I spend to much time on the computer! He just doesn't understand!!

Today's PAD teaser was "your front door", so here is my picture. It was early so there is alot of reflection, but I wanted to get it done.

Anna is still in Branson. We called her last night and she is having so much fun with Mackenzie and her family. I asked her to call us today and I believe her exact words were, "I will if I have time." IF I HAVE TIME???? How busy can an 11 year old girl be?? Anyway, I don't expect to hear from her today.

Pool construction still ongoing, but it hasn't been too bad of a mess. After building a house, there is not much more that can strain me with construction!!

Can't wait for the weekend...



iPia said...

Hey Candy!

Love the pictures!
The kids are SOOO big!!. Anna and you are looking more alike each passing day!
I´m happy to see that everything with the new house is going fine. It´s looking great at least!
I miss you guys, hope to see you sometime. Take care and say hi to "José" :P


kellie bean said...

I'll bet the rest of your home is just as warm and inviting. Have a great day!