Thursday, July 3, 2008

PAD July 3rd

Today's tease on Creating Keepsakes Message Board (CKMB) was our favorite article of clothing. Ugh!! During the summer, 99.9% of the time you can find me in blue jean shorts, a tee shirt, a baseball cap and these shoes, unless I'm mowing the yard and then I have on my trusty K-Swiss tennis shoes. That's just how I am, I mom always said I would go to the prom wearing a beautiful dress and have tennis shoes underneath! She is right more than she is wrong!!

(Side note) When I was outside taking this picture, Jake came out on the porch, still half asleep, and said,"LET ME GUESS, TODAY'S PICTURE A DAY IS OF FLIP-FLOPS!!"

Well, on the hill today ANNA COMES HOME FROM BRANSON!!! I have missed her so much. She called yesterday from Hollister (in the dressing room) and this is how the conversation went:

Anna: Mom, I've got this cute skirt on, but I don't know if you would think it is too short or not.
Me: Well, Anna, the fact that you are calling me from the dressing room to ask tells me that it PROBABLY is!!

Needless to say, she found a T-shirt for $10 that she thought would be more "appropriate". I love that girl!!!

The pool is still under construction. They poured concrete into the bottom yesterday. Still trying to figure out how to keep all 5 dogs out of the yard when they pour the deck!! That should prove to be pretty interesting...

We had a wonderful meal from our garden last night. Gran (and Jake) fixed cucumber, tomato, and onion marinated in dressing, along with squash, also from the garden. We had meatloaf, butterbeans, and Mexican cornbread. To top it off, we had my favorite Banana Pudding!!! Thanks Gran!

Probably won't be posting much for the rest of the week since July 4th is on Friday. I plan on getting matching shirts for us all today so I can get a decent picture for the blog...wish me luck finding all of our sizes on July 3rd!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th. Be safe!

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