Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Miss You Anna!

Anna (summer 08)

Anna left for church camp yesterday. She took her great friend Emily with her.

She called last night and sounded like she was having a ball! It seems so quiet here without her. Even though she would probably still be in the bed, it feels different. Her birthday is Friday, the day she gets back! (And also the day we leave for Destin, Florida!!!) For her birthday she gave me a list of possible presents that included iPhone 3G, iMac, skinny jeans, sandals, iTunes money, Juicy Couture powder and on and on....She finally gets a locker in the 7th grade and you would think she was going to decorate a dorm room!!! I ordered her a cute locker organizer from Pottery Barn Teen that she loved!! No iMac here, sorry Anna!!
We will be gone until Sunday, August 10th....man, where has the summer gone? School starts back on August 18th.
Jake will be in the 4thgrade this year! I don't know how we will get it all done this fall. Anna is cheering for football and she is going to play trombone in the band plus she will continue her tumbling class. Jake is planning on playing football (ALL 50 POUNDS OF HIM)!

Anna and her friend Mary

Well, I've got to get things moving! There are clothes to wash (and pack), house to clean, beds to make, animals to feed, peas to put up, and on and on!!!
Bye for now...have a wonderful Tuesday!

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