Friday, April 30, 2010

Eagle Sighting

We had an unexpected visitor on Sunday.  At first when Jake and I saw this creature, he was in the high grass and it looked suspiciously like a skunk!  The dogs had started barking at it and I was in a panic trying to imagine how I could get the stinker to get away without the dogs being sprayed...something that we have dealt with more than once while living on the hill!!  We got out our telescope and realized it was something entirely different!!!  

I had heard someone say that there were a pair of bald eagles at Lake Ludwig, about a mile from our house, but I had never seen them.  He kept darting down at the Canadian geese that were floating around in our pond.  After reading up on them, I found that they eat fish too.  All of this is new to me....I hope he comes back for a visit and I can get a little closer to him the next time.  Here are a couple more pics...

You can see the goose in the pond trying to take cover!

Jake and Anna had Benchmark Exams last week.  It is always so stressful for the kids and I think even more so for the teachers.  They seem to teach most of the year for this one exam as an evaluation of their teaching ability.  I think this is wrong on so many levels, but thankfully it is over.  The rest of the year is filled with Talent Shows, Band Concerts, Field Trips, Fishing Derbys and all the FUN stuff!!  For this, I am very thankful.  The kids have worked really hard this year and deserve a little reward!

Jake playing with a "toy" gun that he got for Christmas, but is just now playing with!!  It shoots out balls that look like paintballs, but they are foam.  I couldn't believe it when Anna said she would be a target for him.  Thankfully, he wasn't a very good shot!

Anna and Shanae have been spending time at Lake Ludwig......

It has been really nice and warm here and all the flowers have begun to bloom.  Our Knock-Out roses are really blooming.  I was suppose to prune them early in the spring, but didn't and now they have taken over!!!

If you like roses, you should get these!!  They are fool proof!!  I only fertilize them once during the summer and the rest is carefree.  

Here are some other pictures from around our yard..

I love daisies!

Bella was more than willing to pose for me this morning...what a ham.  She was lying on her back rolling as if she couldn't  get enough dirt and grass on her.  I love this kitty...and her pink nose.

We are suppose to be heading to Fayetteville tonight to watch the Razorbacks play baseball against Auburn tonight.  They have predicted rain for the area starting this afternoon, so we'll see.  We've never been to a baseball game there, so believe me I'll have camera in hand!!  Rain, rain, go AWAY!

I'm trying to get caught up on a little laundry, so I'd better get to work.

Bye for now....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picnic and a Flying Kite

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!  I decided to pick up some chicken at KFC before I got the kids after school and take them on a picnic. It was the perfect day for enjoying the weather.  It has been in the high 70's all week.  Here is our view from where we ate.....

This is Lake Ludwig, which is about a mile from our house.  

We stayed for a while and then headed home.  Gran and Papa had given Jake a kite a week or so ago, so we flew it until the wind died down. 

Jake was all grins when the kite finally got up high!!

It was a great day.

I finally made an effort to go to my scrapbook room this morning.  It seems like I don't get up there enough any more.  I decorated a clipboard. It was something I had been wanting to hold lists, the school lunch menu or is what I ended up with....

 Here is a closer view of the flowers on the bottom....

Speaking of flowers....don't you just love spring? 

I actually love all of the seasons.  Before summer is over, I will be excited about fall.  One thing about living in Arkansas is that we have such beautiful seasonal changes, each one as dramatic as the next.

Dixie says, "Hello!"

Here are a few blogs I've been following lately...

Bye for now.....

On the Road to Recovery

Last week Joe brought home a case of the flu and kindly spread it around to the entire family!

Jake missed two days of school and Anna missed one.  Thankfully, we all recovered in time to work in the yard last weekend!

We bought 70 bags of mulch to spread around our flower beds and we still probably need 10 soon as I can bend, I'll get right to that!!!  I don't remember EVER being this sore!!  The yard does look better and it is great to have that DONE for the summer.  We mowed for the first time, so things are really looking a lot better.

Sunday afternoon (Easter), Jake asked me if we could dye eggs and Anna wanted to bake cupcakes, so we did!  It was fun playing in the kitchen with both of them, and I think it went off without a hitch....beautiful eggs and delicious cupcakes..

Jake dying an egg

We had our first hummingbird on April the 1st!  That is the earliest I can ever remember seeing one.  I rushed to find food and clean out the feeder, so he would stick around.  He did, and Daddy said he saw the second one come up wearing an overcoat!!  It was a little chilly that day!!  haha

Easter Sunday

The kids are in "Test Mode" this week.  They are taking Benchmarks and it is always stressful.  We have done pretty good so far making sure they get enough rest and eat a good breakfast.   Anna has an orthodontist appointment this afternoon and I dread it for her.  They will pull on her ligatures to coax those two teeth in.  She is always uncomfortable afterwards, but this time will probably be worse than normal.  I will make sure she is taking plenty of ibuprofen and hope for the best.

We have a BIG BIRTHDAY this Sunday!!!  Papa is gonna be another year older!  He reads my blog, so Happy early Birthday Papa!!!

Bye for now.....