Monday, August 18, 2008


Do you hear that? I's the sound of NOTHING!!! No, "Mama, I'm bored", "MOM!!", "Mom, can I go to (insert one of 10 girls names)?", "Mom, tell Jake to leave me alone!!!!" Well, you get the picture...It is officially the 1st day of school!!

Does she look nervous?

Too bad you couldn't see the plaid shoes!! He think if it is plaid, it must match!! I have to choose my battles and this is not one I choose!!!

We got up pretty early, ironed a few things and out the door we went to take pictures! Everything went fairly smooth...surprisingly. Anna wanted to take her lunch as they only have 30 minutes to serve 3 classrooms for lunch. Probably close to 450 kids! Anyway, she didn't want to have to wait forever then gobble down her food (right before P.E.).

I have been real busy since they left, but I am thinking about them constantly!! Anna is in a new school this year. Its also her first year to have a locker and that brings its own set of problems!! She has a bottom locker and has heard a few nightmares about the mean, ugly, hateful kids that dwell in the top lockers. Hopefully she won't have any bruises or cuts when she gets home!!

It's going to be a busy week...cheerleading practice, football sign ups, tumbling (or stumbling as my dad calls it), haircut with highlights for Anna, Red and White football game, and dentist appointment somewhere in there for Joe!

We have had two birthdays in the past couple of weeks...The first one was Anna on August 1. The orange dots on the right side are for the candles (all 12)!! ha

Here is Anna's cake.

This is Joe's cake...August 12

Well, I'm trying to clean my pantry and organize it a little better, so wish me luck!! Tomorrow I'm off to the laundry room..Bye for now!

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