Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dallas Weekend

 Whew!!  The score of the Razorback/ Aggie game was a little closer than I really wanted it to be!!  We had a ball, literally, in Dallas.  We had never been to Cowboy Stadium, but had heard all the hype, and let me tell you it lived up to every single smidgen of it!  

Friday afternoon, we left Clarksville and drove about 2 1/2 hours to Krebs, Oklahoma, which is on the outskirts of McAlester.  Our friends, Shelly and Steven, had promised us some authentic Italian food and they definitely delivered on their promise!  Pete's Place didn't disappoint us AT ALL.  There is a ton of history going on in this restaurant and the food was incredible.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but the lighting didn't permit.  It was an old, two-story yellow house that looked like it had been added on to 5 or 10 times.  Each party is seated in a separate room, so it felt cozy.  Spaghetti and ravioli were served family-style along with the meal.  Joe almost dropped his jaw when I didn't order Fettuccine Alfredo, but for some reason I had steak on the brain and ordered Filet Mignon.  It was delicious and I wasn't sorry at all for skipping the Alfredo.

The next morning we headed toward Dallas and made it there around noon.  It was a HUGE sports weekend for Texas.  Joe said there were several home games being played in that area.  The Texas Rangers were in the playoffs, right next door to Cowboy Stadium, so there was a fair amount of traffic.  We were lucky that the Rangers game didn't start until 4 and ours started at 2:30.  

Here is the Ranger's Stadium 

and another view from much further away...

 Cowboy Stadium

Here are some pictures from inside the stadium

Tristan and Jake

Joe and me 

I think my VERY FAVORITE part of the entire trip was the half time performance by the Texas A&M band.  It was just amazing...no other words to explain it.  

Here is a short clip.

I wish I could have recorded the entire performance, but trust me, it was really cool!!

Texas A&M Band during performance

We eventually won the game and here is a picture of the presentation of the trophy.  

This is a picture from the JUMBO-tron, but I had to take this picture because of #91-Jake Bequette.

That night we ate at The Silver Fox, in Grapevine, Texas.  It was a neat place too.  Again, I ordered the Filet....yum!!!  REALLY tender.

It was a fun weekend.  Anna has a ballgame on Thursday night and this weekend Jake has a ballgame on Saturday.  We LOVE this time of year, but it is really busy around here. 

Bye for now....

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