Friday, July 29, 2011

Almost Summer

Edit:  This post was written in May, but finally published in July.....

Each day when I would think about blogging, it seemed, well, a little overwhelming.  I thought about all the stuff we have done since March 4th and I though to myself, "There is NO WAY I can possible cover all of that in a post!"  So, obviously, I would decide the task was too overwhelming and would choose not to post. 

So why did I decide to post today?  Well, I decided that better to post something, than nothing.  So today, I'm not going to worry about the stuff I haven't posted over the last 2 months and just post! 

That all being said....we are all as busy as we can be!  With the end of school fastly approaching, our days are filled with party planning, graduation (from 6th grade), class registration for next year, planning summer camps, etc.  The kids are going to stay busy this summer, that is for sure.  Anna has a mission trip to Texas, church camp, tennis camp x 2, a medical mission trip with Joe, and I believe that is all.  Jake has basketball practice, football camp, church camp, and I believe that is all.  Me, I will be taxi driver, as usual. 

We went on a cruise to Belize, Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Isla Roatan, Honduras, during spring break.  It was a lot of fun.  We swam with dolphins, zipped through the rainforest on a zipline, road jet skiis, and relaxed!!  Here are a few pictures...

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