Thursday, July 9, 2009

Destin 2009

Remember me? Hey, be nice.....I've been kind of busy lately. The summer is in full swing and we have been really busy. We went to Destin again this year and had a blast. My parents went with us again, so of course, it was full of good times! This is the 3rd year that we have gone to Destin, staying in
the same condominium and this year it felt like going "home". Since my Dad is in a wheelchair it is very important for our room to be easily accessible to him. We stay at Sterling Shores each year and it fits our needs perfectly. Here is a view off of our balcony.

Directly to the left of this picture is one of our favorite eating spots...
"The Back Porch

We eat here at least 3 times each time we visit Destin. It's right on the beach and just outside the gate of our condo.

The kids at The Back Porch

The water was a little cold the first day we got there as you can tell
by the look on Joe's strained face as the wave crashed against his back.

This was a lucky shot for me, cause I was just sitting on the beach
snapping pictures! I don't think I could have planned that if I had tried!!!


Anna, Jake and Joe

Anna found this fish carcass floating close to the shore....cute, huh?

Me, in full relax mode!

Pool fun!!

(If you ever wonder why I always have more pictures of Anna than of Jake....Anna will pose for me, Jake infuriates me by running or hiding his face when I even glance at my camera. If I get a descent picture of Jake I can assure you it is because I have paid him or exchanged some sort of favor with him!!!! Uggggghhhhhh!!!!!)

Jake and Joe got to got deep sea fishing. Jake had never been, but was so excited. I had my fears, due to the fact that he gets car sick EASILY! We loaded them up with a variety of anti-nausea medications and sent them on their way......

Joe said it was really foggy as they set out on the ocean, but cleared up pretty quickly. I love this picture.

Joe's cousin, Ellis, and his entire family happened to be staying about 10 minutes away from us in Destin, so they all got to fish together. This is a picture of everyone....minus Ellis, who were nowhere to be found at picture time.

They caught their limit and were back at the marina by 2 pm.

While fishing, Jake got really sick, took a nap and cooled off. He told me on the way home, "Mom, I just don't think deep sea fishing is my thing." At least he got to try it once and I think he had a good time otherwise!!

Just a side note, whoever caught the biggest fish got $ went to JOE! Can you see the dollar bill attached to the largest fish in the top picture???

Another couple of things we love in Destin....

Go Karts at THE TRACK

Gran and Papa

We spent an entire day at the water part-Big K
ahuna's. This is always my favorite day, when the kids can run, slide, and play and Joe and I can relax by the wave pool.

On our way home I couldn't resist taking a quick picture of the kids in this monstrous watermelon! This was somewhere in south Mis

I think we all had a really good time, but personally, I couldn't wait to sleep in my own bed after a week away.

Anna starts Cheerleading Camp next week, then the last week of the month she goes to Church Camp. It is amazing to me how fast this summer has gone by. I'm not ready for it to be over.

Joe and I have our 14th Anniversary next week, so I'm starting to think of something special for us to do. I'd love to get away for a night and just celebrate.

Hope to post more regularly now that this huge post is finished. Have a great week.

Bye for now!

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