Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Yesterday was Anna and Jake's first day of school. Anna and I had a hard time sleeping the night before, which made it rough for the first day!! I don't know if we were just excited or what...I think I was just worried I was going to oversleep!! Nevertheless, we got up on time and made it without being tardy!

Both Anna and Jake seemed to enjoy their first day of school. Jake moved to middle school which is a little different for him. He only has to change classes 3 times, but it is still a little overwhelming at first. Anna didn't have as many classes with her "friends", but she seemed to survive pretty well.

I helped my friend, Holly, paint her kitchen/dining room yesterday, so I really didn't get to do much at home. No clothes washed, no floors vacuumed, no dishes washed...oh, well. Our painting looked really good. We used a creamy, buttery color. I can't wait for her tile and backsplash to go in so we can see it all put together.

Today was a different story!! I have washed at least 4 loads of laundry and in case you hadn't noticed....I revamped my blog! It was a little time-consuming, but I really like the new look.

Tomorrow is the start of football season, sort of...we have the Red and White scrimmage!! It is also the annual Chicken Dinner. The Jr. High Cheerleaders are sponsoring it, so I'll have to work for a while. It should be fun getting back into the swing of things again. It has rained here all day and a cool front has started coming through, so maybe it will be a comfortable night of football!!

Well, gotta run wash dishes and get ready for Joe to come home. Happy Birthday Brandon!! We love and miss you!

Bye for now!

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