Friday, August 28, 2009

Goat in the House


Sometimes I wonder why crazy things happen to us, but I guess it is what makes life worth living!! Last Sunday, after church, our family had somewhat of a "circus". My sweet Daddy sent out an e-mail to his entire address book, so you may have already read this......

Yep we had a visitor yesterday a GOAT, which got in our house!! the
picture is the proof.
He just showed up in our yard the dogs started chasing him Gran opens
the kitchen door to see what was going on, thats when the goat ran pass, over Gran into the house. Sort of a "Granma got run over by a reindeer situation"
She only got a couple bruises, she will be ok. I did hear her telling
some one about it in her sleep last night, so her mental state is in question.
How do you get a head butting, gas filled, goat out of a house, it took about 30 minutes for two doctors to do the job.
That goat passed gas the whole time he was in the house, PHEW YUCK!!! We released him out side, tried to run him off, but he won't leave. He just stands on the kitchen steps waiting for someone to crack the door. Candy caught him trying to eat her Japanese Maple which she spent a lot for. So now someone will have to setup with the plants at night or we can put the goat on lock down in the dog pen. We decided to evict the dogs and put the goat in.
Now the goat is
happy, Candy and her family are happy, Gran is happy the dogs are very unhappy. We tried to give him away but to our surprise no one wants a goat. If you know any one who wants a head butting gas fill goat please contact us,
FREE delivery is possible.

bobby lee

First thing Monday morning, I put a lost and found ad on the radio and, believe it or not, have had several calls from people that want to give him a good home. He is very friendly to us, but the kids still have the sight of him head-butting Dixie in their minds, so they are still a little nervous!! Hopefully, after today, he'll be settled in a new home.

This was our first full week of school and so far it has been great! Jake really likes his teachers, so that makes life a lot easier....he has never been one to complain about a teacher, but I can tell when he really likes one of them.

When you live in the country, like we do, kids seem to find the best things to do with what is is a picture of the kids with Shanae last Saturday while they were Land Tubing!!

We had the county fair this week, which for our town is a really big deal. We went on Tuesday and it was a lot of fun for the kids. Anna went with her friend, Shanae, and Jake met his girlfriend, Hailey.
It was nice that they both had someone to ride the rides with too! Hailey had us worried at first. She didn't want to ride ANYTHING!! Her grandmother said she didn't really ride things and probably wouldn't ride with Jake. After about 15 minutes though, Jake had her riding EVERYTHING!! I was relieved! Here is a picture of them...they even "posed" for a few pictures!!

It was a great evening. There wasn't a large crowd and the weather was perfect!
Yesterday, I finally played a little in my scrapbook room and made a card for a dear friend. She is going through a tough time in her life, but she is showing amazing strength. It has been way too long since I got to "play" and I was a little rusty, but it didn't take long for me to get back into it again.

This afternoon, Jake FINALLY gets to register for football!! He is BEYOND excited!! Anna has her first ballgame next Thursday at Mayflower. It is going to get really busy, but that is okay. I'm ready to hit the stands and cheer on the Panthers!! Better get moving. Lots of errands to run before I pick up the kids at school.

Bye for now!


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