Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sun, Sand, and Springbreak!!!

In exactly 18 days I, along with my little brood, will be sailing the high seas!!!  I, for one, can't wait.  We went on a cruise last spring break, to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, San Juan and Grand Turk.  We, overall, enjoyed it, but I would have liked to have been on a newer ship and our itinerary got a little screwed up, when on the first night, a man had an appendicitis attack and we had to reroute.  We ended up going to the furtherest port first, which took 3 days.  Friends, that is a LONG time to be on a boat for this little Southern girl!!!  Anyway, we're gonna see if we can fair a little better this time.  We leave out of Port Canaveral and our ports are Cozumel, Mexico; Isla Roatan, Belize, and Costa Maya, Mexico.  Joe said he was going to start packing this weekend!!  He is probably the most excited of us all!!  I've already started tanning a little, so hopefully I won't be slowed down by sunburn.  

In the meantime.....I've been attending a women's bible study at church on Monday nights and I have really enjoyed it.  I have never done this before, worried that Joe and the kids couldn't live without me for a couple of hours each week.....duh!  They are making it JUST FINE.  The study is by Beth Moore, who is just WONDERFUL!  She is a spunky thing and makes the hour or so of study literally fly by.  Here is her website if anyone is interested...Living Proof Ministries.  

This is our study...

Well, to switch gears a little, we have decided that our sweet little Bella, is actually a BOY!!  I did not ASK for a boy....I didn't not PAY GOOD MONEY for a boy, and I didn't WANT a boy!!!  Well, regardless of that SHE IS A HE!  We'll have to deal with it, but I'm just saying....I think she, he is too cute to be a dad-blastid BOY!

We haven't decided on a new name yet, so for the time being, we are going to continue calling her Bella.  It's not like anyone would ever know the difference, right?   

Jake has his last basketball game tonight.  He hasn't really seemed too upset about it, so I guess we are alright with it too.  He won't have another sport until August!  That seems like forever, but I'm sure it is going to be here in no time.  

Anna has cheerleader tryouts the day before we leave for our cruise.  She is a little nervous, just like the years before, but I'm sure she will do her best.  It just adds a lot a nervousness and anxiety around here for a while!!  

Since the Olympics are over, I'm not sure how much longer this absolutely wonderful dipping sauce will be around, but RUN, don't walk. to McDonald's and grab one!!  Jake and I endulge ourselves everyday after school with this "snack", just because of this SWEET CHILI  SAUCE!!  I've actually talked to the manager of our local McDonald's and asked her to put in a good word.  She said she loves it too and has already told them, but for us, she would do it again!!!  Gotta love a small town!

Speaking of things I am loving right now.....

Here are a couple of my scents...

If you don't have one of these....and you like "smells" like I do, you will love the Scentsy.  They are sold by individuals, sorta like avon, or Stampin' Up products.  Just find a distributor online and they will take care of the rest.  It is a wax-warmer that is heated by a 25 watt light bulb.  NO FIRE hazard!  There are tons of scents and apparently they just came out with 28 more this month!  I am going today to pick out something new! 

Well, gotta run....I have much to do!

Bye for now!

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