Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fever

Have you got it?  We DEFINITELY do!!  Every night this week, we are hurrying to eat supper so we can jump on the couch to watch our USA team compete in the Olympics.  Last night was a blast.  Lindsey Vonn conquered the downhill and if you didn't watch it...there were 6 crashes on the women's downhill!  One girl, from France, I believe, hardly made it out of the gate before she took a tumble! My favorite though, is Apolo Anton Ohno!  He won gold in the short track!  Jake really enjoyed watching Shaun White in the half-pike, so I guess that video game will be in our near future!  He was really good and I loved that he didn't just come out and do a "blah" run on his last run, even though he knew he already had the gold metal.  He came out and did an even better run, which was a show of his character I think.  Good for him, and for giving the fans something to cheer for!!

It has finally warmed up to 50 degrees here!!  It is only temporary, I'm sure.  Suppose to rain beginning tomorrow and rain through the weekend.  I am so ready for spring time.  I can not wait to buy flowers and ferns.  We had to cut down one of our huge oak trees in front of our house, so I am trying to think of flowers we can plant in that spot.  We don't have anything flowering in front of our house except our crepe myrtles, so I'm thinking something with lots of color!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!  We don't have any plans for tonight, which is wonderful!  It's gonna be Barbecue Shake and Bake Chicken and a couple of vegetables then.....OLYMPICS!  

Bye for now......

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