Monday, July 19, 2010

Anniversary Get-Away

 Last Friday was our 15th wedding anniversary, so I surprised Joe with a trip to one of our favorite places....Big Cedar Lodge.  We have always loved going there since the first time we went probably 12 years ago.  It takes about 2 hours to get there, so its an easy weekend trip.  On the way, Joe surprised ME with this really pretty necklace!  


 I had no idea he had gotten me anything.  Earlier in the week he sent me 15 red roses, so I never thought I'd get  something else.

Our first stop...ALWAYS...on the way to Branson, is in Boxley to see the elk.  As many times as we have seen them, it still amazes me how beautiful these animals are in the wild.  

This was our cabin

On the inside

This cake, along with 2 wine glasses (engraved Big Cedar 2010) were waiting for us when we arrived.   

 When we first got unpacked I could tell Joe was really tired, so I told him I was going for a walk and left him to take a little nap. I enjoyed just walking around the property snapping pictures.

Great Sunday Brunch at The Worman House

Small place for coffee and baked items

On Saturday, Gran and Papa came up and we spend the day shopping and eating, eating and shopping!!  It was a really good weekend...

Bye for now.....

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