Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Happenings

So, I have heard through the grapevine, that everyone is tired of pulling up my blog and seeing that darn eagle over and over I am FINALLY going to update my blog...just for you!! 

It has been a jam-packed summer so far.  Even though Jake didn't play baseball this year, it seems like we have been as busy as ever.  Anna had cheerleading camp already and it went really good.  She is not as excited to be cheering this year, but I'm sure that will change when August gets here and the football games start!

We are having Vacation Bible School this week and it is going really well.  Anna is helping with 1st grade and I am helping in the kitchen.  Jake is attending and I think he is really liking it....he has 2 really great guys teaching his class.

Last week we went to Disneyworld and had a ball!!  We have been about 7 times, but now that the kids are getting older, it is so much more fun.  For the first time, Jake was able to ride all of the rides.   I think both of the kids really enjoyed Universal and Islands of Adventure more than Disney.  The rides are better suited for their age and not quite as childish.  Here are a few pictures.....

This was Anna's favorite ride the entire trip!  I have to admit, it WAS a lot of fun!  You lie flat on your back at first and that is what really scared me the most.  The coaster was fast with lots of twists and turns.

Joe met Marilyn....that is a mischievous smile on his face I think!!  Not so sure I like it...

This is in the Lost Continent section of Universal Studios

The Harry Potter section of Universal opened the day we got to Orlando.  Thank goodness our kids are not huge Harry fans, so they weren't too excited about the hoopla, but there were LOTS of fans there when we got to the park on Monday.  The line was all the way to the front of the park and the Harry Potter section is at the very back!!  One girl said she waited for 7 hours and never even made it into that part of the park!  On Monday night, around 8 o'clock we walked by the entrance to HP and they were letting people in, so we got to walk in without standing in line!  It was amazing to see all the work that went into building all of the structures.  It was really neat to see, even for this non-HP fan!

Jake and Pooh at the Crystal Palace

Anna on Splash Mountain

Anna and I didn't want to ride The Tower or Terror...she kept looking at me while we were waiting in line and saying, "Mom, I really don't want to do this."  I was scared too.....I don't mind going upside down or going really fast, but sudden drops KILL ME!  Well, that is all this ride is.....continuous sudden drops and fast lifts!!  Finally, we got on and got strapped in and Anna raised her hand to the lady strapping us down and said she wanted off!!!  That left me ALL ALONE!! The nerve of that girl!!

Joe and I LOVE  the Rockin' Rollercoaster!  0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds....nuff said.

This was outside the Toy Story ride.....

There are so many picture, so I won't bore you any longer.  Thanks for stopping by!

Bye for now...


MomsTheWord said...

Richard and I went to Universal a couple of years ago and loved the variety of things to see and do. We didn't have our kids with maybe that is why I liked it so much! What kind of roses are those in your yard? They are beautiful!!

Candy Dunaway said...

The roses are Knock Out and they are about the easiest plants to care for that I have EVER had!! I should have cut them back in the early spring, but I was too lazy and now they are over 5 feet tall. They bloom all spring and summer and are bug-free! Glad you stopped by my blog. I visit yours almost daily!!

Candy Dunaway said...
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