Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Fall Ya'll

The fall weather has been wonderful the last few days.  We have been a little chilly in the mornings....about 47 degrees when I took the kids to school at 7:15.  I can't wait to get the hot tub cleaned up and running for these cool fall nights.  

Anna and her friend, Shanae decided to dress up for Halloween this year.....don't know why, but they did.  They began looking through our old costume stash Saturday afternoon and this is what they came up with...Gypsy Shanae and Dorothy!! 

I thought they turned out pretty cute, but not sure 13 year olds need to be Trick or Treating!!  They took Jake and Logan along as "Football Players" a Steeler and one a Colt.  I didn't get a picture of them, but trust me, they were cute too!

This is a picture I took last night after Jake got out of the bath tub.  Did I ever say he was a little OCD? 

He keeps his room spotless, keeps all his videogames stuff in its place, keeps all his toys that "belong together" in ziplock bags, etc.  After he finished bathing last night, I went back in to brush my teeth and found all his sea creatures lined up to dry off.  For some reason, it was funny that he didn't just throw them in a pile to let them dry!  Anna saw them laying out this morning and started laughing and said, " If those were mine, I wouldn't have gotten them out of the tub at all, much less, lined them up like that!!"  I guess that's the funny part, Anna is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of Jake.  One is VERY left-brained and one is VERY right-brained!!

We FINALLY get to go to a Razorback game this weekend!!  Joe got on the internet and lucked up with GREAT tickets...50 yard line, row 3!! Then today, a friend asked him if he wanted 4 more!!  So looks like we will be cheering on the Hogs against South Carolina on Saturday!  Then next weekend we are going back to Fayetteville, but this time, we have Hospitality Passes and get to go on the field before the game to watch the players warm up, attend some meetings with the coaches, and some other cool stuff that I can't quite remember right now..but I promise I will have my camera close to snap some good shots!  Jake is over the top excited about touching the turf field!!  That will be a shot I have GOT to get!!

The moon was beautiful last night....believe it or not I took this picture through my kitchen window, through the lens of our telescope!!  I thought it turned out pretty good, but wish I could have zoomed in a little more.

Well, gotta run.....thanks for checking up on my blog and I will return soon!!

Bye for now!!


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