Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

And just like's December!!  Can you believe it?  I have exactly 19 Christmas presents bought so far, but I still have a long way to go.  Right now, I'm more concerned with Christmas cards...see, Anna and Jake HATE posing for their picture and to add insult to injury, Anna is now saying she is too old for her picture to be on a Christmas card!!!  The nerve!!! I LOVE getting Christmas cards  from our family and friends that have pictures!!  Everyday during the holiday season Anna and Jake can't wait to get to the mailbox to see if there is a new card....and hoping it is a picture of someone in our family or an old friend from Pine Bluff, or a new little one that we've yet to even see.  So, with all this being said, we will dress, we will smile, and we WILL enjoy having our Christmas card published for the world to see!!  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  We had our first Thanksgiving Feast at our church on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  There was more food than you could imagine.  I brought Cranberry-Orange Relish and it was a hit.  Several people asked me for the recipe afterwards, so I'll post it here for anyone who wants to try it for Christmas....

Cranberry-Orange Relish
2 navel oranges
zest of one of navel oranges
1 red delicious apple, cored, but NOT peeled
1 pound bag fresh cranberries
1 1/2 cups sugar

After getting the zest of one orange, peel both oranges and place ALL ingredients in food processor and chop fine.  Store in refrigerator overnight.  Enjoy.

Anna's class had a dinner at the First Baptist Church in Clarksville last Monday.  It was really nice and their teacher, Mrs. Amanda Banning, is the greatest for doing this each year.  She absolutely does it out of the goodness of her heart and I am so thankful for teachers like her.  We went to see Joe's side of the family on Thanksgiving Day.  Spent the day eating and visiting mostly.  We had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and dad on Saturday night.  It was good to just relax and enjoy our family.  

We have a new addition to our ever-growing family......

Her name is Bella.  She is about 2 1/2 months old and weighs 2.4 pounds.  She is really sweet and seems to be getting along with Jada, our Yorkie, pretty well.  She came from Needy Paws and we are in love with her.  She has a personality all her own and is never far from us.  We had to talk Joe into getting her, he is not a "cat-person"....

They seem to be rubbing off on each other!  haha

Anna has been pretty busy with cheerleading.  She has started basketball season, so the games come a lot more frequently.  We play Pottsville on Thursday night.  She has her fall dance on Friday night.  The girls are going to dress up a little more for this one, so it ought to be fun to snap some pictures!  They have a Christmas band concert on Sunday afternoon.  

Jake hasn't started basketball at the boys club yet, but when he does things will be a little busier again.  I'm enjoying the break, but I know it will not last.

That is about all around here.  Will hopefully start decorating for Christmas this week.  It has started getting colder at night.....we had our first frost last week.  

Bye for now...


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