Friday, November 7, 2008


I want to start by saying "Congratulations" to the 7th grade Clarksville Panther football team that finished with a record of 11-0 this year!!! I must say they have a pretty good team and I am so glad that Anna was able to cheer for them this year! Congratulations guys...YOU DID IT!!!

We have our last high school home football game is suppose to get cold, so I hope they have the hot chocolate ready for me. We have a Chili dinner (fund raiser) before the game.

I got a call from my friend Tracy this morning and it really made my day. She is from Pine Bluff and she wanted to meet me in Little Rock at Holiday House, but I had already decided not to attend. I made a date with her for next year!!! I can't wait.

It has been just beautiful here for the past few weeks. The leaves are red, yellow, orange, green and brown...colors you only get to see this time of year. I have taken tons of pictures and plan to send some to our family and friends around the U.S.

My cousin, George, just moved back to Nashville and I made him a card yesterday. He is very special to me and I pray that he is happy. It is always more fun to make things for such special people. I love you George!! (Not sure if he ever reads my blog, but just in case!)

I don't know why I thought this picture was funny yesterday

I looked out my bedroom window and this is what I saw. I looked for what it was that they were looking at, but never saw anything. I thought it was so funny that they were all looking in the same what?

We are going to the game tonight. Anna is going to the church afterward for 5th quarter, a get together for the older kids (older than Jake) ...I think, secretly, that is why she likes to go. The church usually has a fun night planned and the kids really enjoy it. It usually isn't over until midnight!! Jake has a birthday party to go to tomorrow afternoon and that about does it for our weekend plans.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Bye for now

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