Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Saturday!

" Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul."

--- Douglas MacArthur

Kinda quiet here today. 45 degrees!! We had a high school playoff game last was pretty chilly, but in the end, WE WON!!! Now we are off to play Shiloh Christian next week.

Anna spent the night with a friend and Jake is happy to play video games upstairs for a couple of hours. I know he is there because I hear him running 15 to 20 yards at a time and "juking" a few players now and then. He is in motion 100% of the time he plays x-box 360....come to think of it, with all his jumping and running...he probably could have invented the Wii. Oh well....

Joe is on call, so he is at the hospital. He has a newborn that hasn't pooped since birth, 2 days, so he is really concerned about that! He'll figure it out, he always does.

Here are a couple of pics my dad just sent me:



Thanks Dad! Love you both!!

That's it here. I'm still in my snuggly pjs and think I'll stay in them for a little longer. Gone to fill up my coffee cup and watch t.v. for a little while.

Bye for now!

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