Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!

It's finally starting to look like spring on the hill!! I couldn't be happier.

April 14th proved to be the first sign, with the arrival of our first hummingbird...many have since followed. To date we have seen 15 at any one given time. During the construction of our house, 3 years ago, I was standing on our porch and a hummingbird flew by, pretty close to my head...I promised "him" that if he would return the next year I would have plenty of food for him and I have kept my promise. He apparently told a few of his friends!! We look forward to seeing them each year.

We also have a new family that has built a home in our flower arrangement hanging on the front door.

The mom is an Eastern Bluebird and she and her mate are beautiful. I can't wait to see the little ones when they hatch.

We planted our garden this past weekend. First, Joe plowed it for us...

Then, Jake rode while he established where our rows would be...

...last year our rows were too close together, so we made them further apart and didn't put the plants as close together.

Here we are planting.....

We planted black-eyed peas, kandy corn, watermelon, cantelope, okra, squash, and cucumber. Here are a few pictures after we finished. These are peppers...

and one of our tomato plants.

Last week we finally had our driveway chip and sealed. It is so much cleaner than that muddy-gravelly stuff.

Anna and Jake are busy with typical "end of the year" stuff. Anna had cheerleading physicals yesterday and it all went pretty smoothly. Joe has done the physicals for the last couple of years.

Jake is going to see Monsters vs. Aliens with his class on Thursday. They have their annual Field Day next month and he is really excited because this will be his first year to compete in the long jump. I hope it works out that I can go and watch (and maybe take a couple of pictures!)

That's really about all here....just loving life!!

Bye for now....

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