Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Small Town Friday Night

It has been a long week with school, practices, games, etc. So far we have slipped by the flu, but I don't know how much longer we can hide. Joe had 50 patients scheduled for clinic today, so lots of people are really sick. Anna said one day this week they had 100 kids out of school. Just about everyone has been sick. Anna and Jake both felt a little headache and stomach ache earlier in the week, but I gave them some medicine before bed and the next morning they were much better. We had our flu shots over 2 weeks ago, but it won't be effective for the Swine Flu. Anna and Jake are faithful about using hand sanitizer, but I know that will only get us so far!

We have another ballgame tonight. The Jr. High lost last night in Huntsville.

Sign-up fee: $50
Practice jersey: $22
Cleats: $19.98
Socks: $2.99
Underarmour: $50
Watching your son play football: *Priceless*

Jake started his football practice yesterday. He LOVED every minute of it. He just beams when someone asks him about practice or playing. I LOVE that he LOVES it. I guess it has always been a dream of mine to watch my daughter cheer and my son play football. I'm living that dream now and I am so proud of them both.

Joe's sister's daughter and son-in-law have a new addition to their family! This is Nash and his sister Ashlynn....

And here is another shot of Nash...

Congratulations Lindsay and Michael...they are both beautiful!

Joe is on call this weekend, so we'll be hanging out here watching college football and maybe working in the yard a little if the rain holds off.

I finally got my internet working in my scrapbook room...after talking to Amy at Linksys Tech Support....she got a little snippy with me a few times, but we muddled through and after an hour or so...BINGO...I have internet. Maybe now I can get some creative juices flowing and scrap. I've already got a few things in the works for Christmas cards, so we'll see how that turns out. First though, I want to make some SPOOKY treats!

Better get going..lots to do before the big game tonight!

Bye for now....GO PANTHERS!!!

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