Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello BlogWorld

Thought I'd change up the look of my blog a little.  For some reason I just wasn't "feeling" the other one, so *poof*....I got another theme.  Hope you like it!

Not just a lot going on around here lately...other than, cheerleading, football, tumbling, school, etc.  Seems like this time of year gets really busy with the kids.  It has rained over 10 inches so far this month, so we've been spending a lot of time inside. 

Joe and Jake are getting ready for deer season.  They shot at our haybale in the front yard last weekend.

They even let me try my skills out...

Jake had his birthday party last Saturday!  He only wanted a cheeseburger and a coconut cake!  He got what he asked for and I think he was pretty happy. 

Anna and Shanae at their first peprally of the year.

I think I am going to start our supper now, Lasagna!  I hope you have a great day!!

Bye for now.....


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