Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!  I love Fridays....end of the work week for Joe and end of the school week for the kiddos!!  I especially love fall Fridays, because it means more FOOTBALL!  

Anna had a game last night, but we lost.  Our boys tried really hard, but they just couldn't beat Boonville.  Anna's friend, Saylor, is the mascot.  It is so neat to watch her personality transform in that suit!!  She is a great mascot for the Panthers!!

We are having a get together tomorrow for the Arkansas/Alabama game.  We kind of got into a pickle, because Jake's 2 games that were scheduled for last Tuesday got rained (flooded) out, so they conveniently rescheduled them for the exact time as the Razorback game......I guess we'll just do the best that we can now...Joe will host the party and I will be at Jake's games. 

Not really sure what all we are going to have for the party...I've already decided on Crock Pot Meatballs and probably 7-layer Dip.  I also want to make cupcakes for the kids and some sort of cheeseball.  Other than than, I'm really not sure......What would Paula Deen do?  I'll figure it all out this afternoon.

Not much else going on here.  Mr. Melson is cutting our hay, thank goodness.  It was getting way too tall for my liking!!  Going to take it easy tonight.  The Panthers are out of town and we would rather stay home.  Maybe go out for supper and call it a day!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

Bye for now......


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