Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

We have had some beautiful sunsets lately...this was yesterday's. The colors are never as beautiful as in person, but thought I'd share this one.

It's finally the weekend and I am ready for it! Anna and Jake are both spending the night with friends, so I think I have a hot date! Joe is on call, so we won't go out of town, but at least we can go out and enjoy a nice adult conversation.

Jake bribed me again. I could take a couple of pictures of him if I would jump on the trampoline for 10 minutes. I know that may not seem like much, but after having 2 kids, the thought of jumping, especially on a trampoline, is not a pleasant thought. I jumped for a few minutes and that seemed to be okay with him, so here is my picture!

He and Anna are both growing up so fast...I guess that's why I'm always snapping pictures of them....I know these moments won't last forever.

Well, we got the dog pen shed almost finished. We ordered the metal roofing and it should be in early next week.

Still making plans for our trip to Chicago. Think we are going to stay at the Ritz-Carlton that is in Watertower Plaza...Anna will love that. She can take a quick elevator ride down from the room and shop till her heart just bursts wide open! Still thinking of how we want to tell them...

Well, better get moving. Jake has guitar lessons after school and got to run a few errands before I take Anna to her spend the night party.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Bye for now.

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