Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back from Labor Day!

I know, I know...I am WAY behind on my blogging!!! Actually, I don't really realize people read this until I start hearing from you wanting to know why I haven't updated my blog. So to those of you who check frequently....today is your day...I have a lot to blog about and LOTS of pictures. (16 to be exact!!) So relax, get comfortable, and I'll fill you in on my last couple of weeks!

For Labor Day, Joe's sons and their families came to visit. They had so much fun playing in the pool. This picture is of Alexis (David and Reecia's daughter) with Jake and Anna, and Katelynn (Brandon and Tonia's daughter). Alexis, Jake, and Katelynn are all in the 4th grade this year!

This is Nick (David and Reecia's son) How handsome is he? I think he gets his good looks from his Papa Joe, but maybe its just me!! What do you think?

And this is David throwing Nick approximately 10 feet in the air!!! David did this for a couple of hours with all the kids. I don't know how he did it! I'm sure he was worn out when he finished!!!

This is Klayton (Brandon and Tonia's son). He's pretty handsome too! I
know he gets his good looks from his Papa Joe...there is no doubt here!

It was 2 fun-filled days and it could not have been better weather! So here is a cheer...uuhhh....pyramid for the official end of summer!

Joe's mom, Mary, stayed with us last week and along came hurricane Gustav!! On the weather channel they predicted that Gustav would make landfall and "park itself right in Arkansas!" Can you believe that for ONCE they were EXACTLY right??? It rained from Tuesday through Thursday morning nonstop!! We got about 6 1/2 inches total. Anna cheered Thursday afternoon and the weather was perfect.

Mrs. Mary and I went to the ear-shattering peprally, which I don't intend to ever do again!! I can not tell you how loud it was... of course it didn't help that we were sitting on the first row about 5 feet from the speaker! Anyway, the fans were more than a little excited I thought!!

We played Mayflower and as you can see...WE WON!!!!

This past weekend was "Deer-Plot Planting Weekend" at the Dunaway's! For those of you who are unfamiliar to hunting, this is the way we lure the deer onto our land so we can enjoy watching them. This probably sounds crazy to some, but we plant stuff to entice the deer to eat so we can watch them! Jake would prefer that we shoot them immediately upon site, but as I have told him..."as long as I live here, there will never be a deer shot on our land!" And to that he says,"When you die...I'll shoot them ALL!" That is one gene I KNOW he did not get from ME!!! Just sayin'.....

Anyway, back to the topic, we (Joe, Jake, Anna, Rebel, Zoey, Dixie, Jada, Roscoe and myself) went to the field...some rode 4-wheelers, some used other modes of transportation...

This is Roscoe. He takes a pretty good picture, but he has issues. I won't go into them here, but lets just say he is not my favorite pet!

This is Rebel... a dog after my own heart! He is kind, loving, and always a gentleman.

Back to our feed plot, we planted clover, turnip greens, rape (whatever the heck that is), rye grass, and some other stuff deer eat... It was almost dark before we finished planting everything, but it was a beautiful dusk! I don't know if you can see by these pictures, but the Canadian geese were getting ready to land in our pond. You can see them just above the mountain/treeline.

Yesterday was Jake's first football practice. He is going to be playing for the Eagles. He is hoping to play wide receiver, but we won't know for a couple of more practices. He just glows when he starts football season!

So, as you can see we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy! I would love a little scrapbook time all to myself...maybe after I make the beds, wash a couple of loads of laundry, vacuum, dust, take Anna to tumbling, check Jake's homework.....well, maybe I'll get a chance tomorrow.

Wish we could all be as relaxed as Butterscotch, whose only concern is when I'll open another can of food for him.

Bye for now!

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