Monday, September 15, 2008

Making the Best of all the Water

I'm back! We were very lucky with Ike. Some wind, some rain and some scary times, but all in all, we came out fine!! The "eye" came right over us, but it wasn't as bad as predicted. We were expecting the worse, so what we got wasn't so bad. We had dismantled the trampoline, put up all the outdoor furniture, put the basketball goal on the ground, staked the crepe myrtles, mowed the ENTIRE yard just as the first raindrops started Saturday afternoon! The temperature was 58 degrees when we got up for school this morning..had to send the kids to school with jackets for the first time this year!!

We have a pretty busy schedule so far this week...Anna has 2 tests on Tuesday along with cheerleading and tumbling Tuesday after school. Jake has football practice also on Tuesday, which makes things a little tougher on me!! I also have a meeting Tuesday at the school, during lunch. Wednesday, not so bad. Only tumbling at night. Oh, yeah, Anna has her first orthodontist appointment on Wednesday. Thursday is Jake's Birthday!!!! He wants an AC/DC cake, so I'll have to be on top of my game to decorate that one!! I'll do it! Friday, Anna and Jake are having a "combined" sleep over. Anna is inviting about 12 girls, Jake 2 boys. It should be alot of fun...for
them! Anna has already asked that I make them an "Amazing Race"-type game for Saturday!! Guess I know what I'll be doing this week! It really should be alot of fun!

Anyway, yesterday was BEAUTIFUL here. The rain had stopped early Sunday morning (3am or so) and only blue skies yesterday! Our neighbor, Tristan, and his friend Aaron asked Jake and Anna to go to the creek to swim. Joe wouldn't let them go without an adult, so we ALL loaded up on 4-wheelers and headed to the creek. The kids had a blast!! They climbed in this small culvert mind was at least 15 feet diameter this culvert! The water was gushing through it like a water slide. Inside the culvert the water was only about 8 inches deep, so the kids would go to the end of the culvert, sit on the boogie boards, and ride the current to the end and land in a big pool!

This is the "pool".
Can see where the creek starts flowing pretty fast in the distance?

This is Anna and Jake with their friends Tristan and Aaron.

Jake riding a wave.

Anna, always picture-ready!! This was minutes before she broke down after seeing a snake at the waters' edge!!

Well, gotta get moving on this Monday morning!! Hopefully will get to blog again soon...can't promise, but will try!

Have a great week everyone.

Bye for Now!!

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