Friday, September 12, 2008

Just another day!

Yesterday was really hectic here. Anna's cheerleading squad sponsored a Bar-B-Q chicken supper to raise money to pay for their expenses, i.e. jacket, duffle bag, camp, uniforms, etc. I helped in the kitchen from 3:30 until her game at 5:30, then returned to help with clean up. I'm not sure how well they did, but the food was great (thanks to her coach/caterer Mrs. Lederman). To top it off, I believe they won the was one of those weird games that the defense has 10 plays then it switches to offense for 10 plays. Anyway, we scored 4 touch downs and Huntsville didn't score (that I remember). Jake had practice while Anna was cheering. Thank goodness the practice field is right next to the game field. Today is a good day...NOTHING afterschool!! Anna is going birthday party tomorrow for her friend Kenzie!! Happy Birthday Kenzie! She is having a bowling party, so that should be fun. Otherwise, it should be a quiet weekend. We are expecting the rain and storms from Hurricane Ike to come in sometime Sunday, so we'll probably be working in the yard all day Saturday.

I have a cousin, Bill, stationed in the Navy in Corpus Christi, Texas and my prayers are with him and his family today. Be safe if you live in that area and know we are all praying for you.

I had to put this picture in my blog today, but first, you must know the story behind it. This is Jake, my (almost) 10 year old son. His sister, Anna, loves to read. Right now she is reading a 1200 page book and stays up late each night reading it. Jake on the other hand, told me 2 days ago he HATES books and everything about them, but last night he laid down and look what he was doing....READING!!! The title is, "The Teacher's Funeral", but the point is HE was actually reading! I think this may be a small miracle.

Well, gotta go change out the laundry and fold a few clothes.

Bye for now!

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