Thursday, September 25, 2008


The braces are ON!!

Anna was a little sore last night and this morning her bottom teeth were bothering her some. I asked her band teacher to excuse her from playing the trombone today and I hope he doesn't care... She was a real trooper and seemed not to mind it too much. I'm hoping today is better in the pain department. She is suppose to be going to Branson with friends in the morning and not be back until Saturday night. There is something about amusement rides that always makes things better!

Jake has parent/teacher meetings this afternoon, then a much needed football practice! I've started working on a scrapbook-(minibook) about him, so I'll post it eventually. I am hoping to get a book binder for my birthday next month so that I can make individual books on my own.

Should be a great weekend. There is no school tomorrow, so long weekend for us!! Joe isn't on call, so maybe we'll do something fun. Jake is going to a sleepover tomorrow night, so NO KIDS!!!! I would love to just go out to eat and relax with Joe! We'll see...he probably won't get home from work until 9:00, but it's a thought.

Hope everyone has a productive and wonderful Thursday!!

Bye for now!

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