Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake!!

Hi everyone! This week has been hectic, but productive. I've been working on an "Amazing Race" for the kids' party this weekend...lots of scavenger hunt, sack race, basketball shooting-type fun.

First of is Jake's 10th birthday.

He told his dad and me this morning that there only double digits for him now, no single digit birthdays! He is suppose to be on "Cub Cam" this morning at school. The school has an inhouse television program and each day a child is chosen to read the announcements, lunch menu and birthdays for the day. Jake was very specific about what he wanted to wear! He is such a little ladies man!

On another front, Anna had her visit with the orthodontist yesterday and it wasn't good news! She will get braces next Wednesday. Then, after 6 months, she will have to be referred to an oral surgeon to have ligatures placed on two of her teeth. The orthodontist said that this would be tough. She said Anna's teeth have to come through about 10 mm of bone during the "pulling down" process and that is is painful. After surgery she will go to the orthodontist every 3 weeks and they will adjust the ligatures making the teeth come to their correct orientation. Anyway, she has got a long road ahead of her. Braces for 3 years according to her orthodontist!

We are having Jake's birthday party tonight: just us! Then tomorrow Anna and Jake will have all of their friends over !!WooooHooooo! Probably 15 all together, spending the night, eating junk food, watching scary movies, having a blast!!!

Summer is almost gone. I took these pictures below on Tuesday. It was beautiful outside. Perfect "fallish" weather.

TThe deer feed plot seems to be working.

Got to go make a couple of birthday cakes...wish me luck. I'll post pictures if I get a break!

Bye for now!

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