Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Day in the Life

So... there is this thing going around in the world of scrapbooking that I guess began with the scrapping guru, Ali Edwards, challenging scrappers to take pictures of their "everyday life" and make a mini-book/album of what each person does in his/her daily life. I have been watching from afar at some of the girls that have taken this challenge and it is pretty neat to "see into their life". I haven't decided whether or not I will bore you with my daily life....although now that I think of it, I already do, is a little peek at one of my days...

The first thing I do every day is get up and look out my front door. I LOVE where I live. Not just the town or state, I just love my home and everything that is in and around it. I love being home. That may sound crazy, but Joe and I looked for MONTHS to find this land and the house we built was being built in our minds and on paper for 10 years. It is exactly where and what I have always dreamed of ... and more. So, back to my thought. The first thing I do in the morning is look out my front door.

I got everyone out of bed, but my family, especially my kids, don't especially want this documented, so I will save them and me the grief! Then by 7:25, its off to school....

I'm home by 8:05 and its ME time....all I need is a cup of milk and sugar with a little coffee mixed in for color and I am good to the computer.

After my computer fix, its on to the household chores.

Today was trash day, so you know what that to throw in the trash like you haven't known all week they were coming to get it!

I picked Anna and Jake up early from school so that we could go to Russellville to have Anna's braces adjusted a little. She had a couple of long wires that had been hurting all weekend.

We are planning a Halloween party at our house for, I don't know, 50-100 people, so its off to Hobby Lobby for invitation supplies.

One of our friend's children had 8 teeth pulled on Friday, so we stopped to get a gift while we were out. Also, Anna has a birthday party this weekend, so we grabbed a gift for that too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMA!!

Jake had a ballgame at 5:30 and we lost pretty bad. They don't keep score, thank goodness, but I do know it wasn't pretty. Jake missed a pass and I, being the observant and dutiful mom that I am captured it on film!!

As you can see, the child in the blue shirt was out of control, running towards Jake and causing Jake to take his eye off of the ball for a moment, dashing any chance of my son making a beautiful catch! Oh well, maybe next week.

We went out for supper, finally agreeing on pizza. I don't really think we agreed, Joe and I just got tired of Anna and Jake fighting over where to eat, so WE decided on pizza.

Jake and Anna both have projects due this week. I love projects. I have to try not to DO too much of it...Jake said,"Remember, Mom, the kids are suppose to do it!" I'll try to stand to the side, just a little.

Bye for now!

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