Friday, October 10, 2008



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!! I know I am. After taking the kids to school this morning and running a few errands, I took a walk with my partner in crime! I'll show you a picture of this "partner" later in the blog, but first, here are some pictures....

These are the new tenants of our front pasture. I know it may seem weird to some, but I think they are beautiful!! When Mr. Melson called to ask Joe if he could bring them to our land I was ecstatic! To me, other than a field full of haybales, there is nothing prettier than cows, or horses, grazing in a field. Especially OUR FIELD!! When I walked down to the pasture and got within 150 yards, they all started gathering at the fence, as if they KNEW I wanted them to pose for me. Yeah, I know they just thought they were getting fed, but I chose to believe otherwise! Their personalities just seemed to pop out at me as I eased closer.

This one seems a little bossy, yet curious.

This one on the other hand, preferred to stay in the shadows and look from afar. I think I'll name her "Curly". See, this is why we can't have animals like cows, I've already started naming them. I think there is some kind of rule that you NEVER name these makes them "leaving" that much harder on everyone!

Not sure about this one. Picture perfect though.

And finally, this was my partner in crime!

Actually, 4 of our dogs went on this adventure, but Dixie was the only one to have her picture taken.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are headed to the Homecoming Football game tonight. It will probably be a little chilly, so we'll have to bundle up in blankets and sip hot chocolate...oh how I love my life!

Thanks for the sweet e-mails and comments you have sent. This is the season that I always seem to remember how Thankful I am for all of our family and friends...from Chile, to Washington, to Illinois, to Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and those of you right here in Arkansas that we don't seem to see often enough throughout the year. We love and miss you all!!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

Bye for now...

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