Friday, October 3, 2008

It's the weekend!! Yesterday was Halloween Invitation Making Day for those of you who didn't know. I decided to not bore you with the intricate details of paper cutter, glue and such and just show the final product.

Anna has a list of, I believe, 45 people that she is inviting. Jake has 2, or maybe 3. It is funny how that works. I guess its the difference in boys and girls, or maybe their ages, I don't know, but Anna actually has lots and friends and Jake, just a few. Anna has always been the butterfly and Jake, more of the dirt dobber...just focused more. He has his best friend David, who is a gem! He and Jake are inseparable and play great together. They have never had a fight or cross word. It is really neat to see two kids that were raised by the same parents, but that are so uniquely themselves.

Oh, where was I...oh yeah, the party. We are having it with Anna's friend, Kenzie, and her family (Lois, Travis and Ashley) They are probably going to invite a bunch of people too, so we could have anywhere from 25-75 people! Yikes! We are going to have games, bonfire, hayride, FOOD and lots of other stuff. It should be a lot of fun scaring the beejeebees out of everyone!!

Anyway, we got the school projects done by 10 last night. They both turned out great! Jake's Tundra poster was almost perfect. He misspelled one word, but I let that go, he was so proud of his work; I couldn't dampen that feeling for him. Anna's report and "visual" was on Harriet Tubman, the slave that started the Underground Railroad. Anna is very independent, so no Mom help needed on her's.

Anna had a ballgame lastnight and beat the socks off of the Ozark Hillbillies!!! (That really is their name, I'm not making fun.)

I don't have a lot going on today, for a change, so I'm going to straighten up a little and maybe get a little scrapbooking done. Joe is on call this weekend, so we'll probably stay at home. I'm going to get a bunch of pumpkins and start the decorating process. I'll post some pictures this weekend if I get decorated. We are going to a wedding in Paris tomorrow...that's Paris, ARKANSAS! Anna and Jake are going on a Birthday Hayride at Jama's house tomorrow night, so it'll be quiet around here...quiet is good sometimes!!

Thanks for the sweet comment Miss Abbie! We love and miss you, but will continue to blog/bore JUST FOR YOU!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Bye for now!

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