Monday, October 6, 2008

"Dirty" Monday

We were suppose to get our backyard fenced in today, but the Lowe's installer failed to deliver on his promises! Imagine that...a contractor that didn't do what he said he would. That, it seems, is the story of my life!! We have had this date scheduled for at least 2 weeks and wouldn't you know I have seen hide nor hair of the measly scoundrel.

But on a positive note, the bulldozer and dump truck made it.

That's about all here today...just your usual cleaning and laundry duty.

This is Anna before Jama's birthday hayride this weekend.

Jake got to go too, but he wasn't in the mood to smile for a picture (imagine that!)

Here is a picture of Jake and Anna's friend Shanae at the ballgame last week.

Hope everyone has had a good more later!

Bye for now!

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