Monday, January 12, 2009

Bonfire Gone Bad

I have had better days...I decided to burn a few small boxes in our firepit today. This was no big deal, done it a million times right? WRONG!!! It started as just a small piece of grass that caught on fire outside of the firepit and I tried to put it out with my shoe, then the next thing I is an inferno! I jumped in the truck, got a bucket of water and brought it back to douse it down, but by the time I could run back, the fire was twice the size it was before I left to get water! I ran back and forth with water about 4 times before calling backup (Anna was out of school-sick) She brought me two buckets and that is when I realized it was beyond my control. Told Anna to call 911, which she totally refused to do...thought they would think she was playing a prank! So she screamed for Gran to call. It seemed like 2 hours before the water truck showed up, but really only 20 minutes or so. I had pretty much gotten the fire under control before the fire department arrived, but I have never been so happy to hear a fire siren!!!

When Joe came home from work (sick also), I felt like a kid that was about to get a whipping!! I just knew the look he was going to give me, but I guess he was feeling too bad to fuss at me.

This is a picture of the final result.

I think I will call it a day!

Bye for now!

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