Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

Going to bed last night I felt 99% sure the kids and I could sleep in and wake up around 9:30. I figured we would stay in our PJ's until lunch or so, then cook a big pot of soup for supper! WRONG!!! I got up at 5 am, then again at 6:30 to scan the list of school closing on the television, only to NOT see Clarksville Public School on the huge list! So, as much as I hated it, I got my little ones up, coaxed them to get dressed and drove their sad little faces to school. Jake had a science test that I told him he didn't need to study for, because I felt sure they wouldn't be in school! We studied this morning before we left and he informed me on the way to school that the test was open book. This may not end well! Open book tests were always the hardest when I was in school some 25 years ago. It usually meant that the answers weren't in that "opened book"!!!

It rained all night and all day. The temperature has been hovering at the 35 degree mark almost all day, so things aren't freezing right now. The forecast predicts the temperature to drop to around 24 degrees in the next few hours and things are going to get worse. Maybe tomorrow we can sleep until 9:30, stay in our PJ's until....nevermind.

Hope your day is sunny and bright....

Bye for now!

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