Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 1-7 Update

I can't believe how the days seem to just fly by and before you know it, an entire week as become a memory. This year one of my goals is to take at least one picture daily (or nearly daily). Many people in the scrapbook community have taken on this incredible challenge. There is actually a kit by Becky Higgins that was sold online to help organize and display these pictures in sort of an album style. I was one of the lucky few to finally get through the mayhem of the internet on January 1st and order my Project 365 kit. Many people didn't get one, some got more than they wanted and many got huge headaches over the entire situation. I just know that I got one and it should arrive via UPS on Friday!! I will try to post my pictures and at least a small blurb each day on my blog, but no promises! So here goes...

I took several pictures on 01.01.09. Played around with my photo editing program a little, so I included a couple of pictures here. We had a couple of friends over and watched football on New Years. The weather was nice....Jake enjoyed playing outside...thinking he might become a punter instead of a wide receiver. These are a couple of CRAZY kids!!

We went to Fort Smith on the 2nd. Joe took a day off of work (Yeah!) to take his truck in to be serviced. After we got about a mile down the road, already late, I got a call that our alarm system was showing some Zone problems that I needed to attend to. Needless to say, we turned around and came home. Joe went alone and Anna and I met him later that morning (thanks to Gran and Papa) The problem with the alarm was easy...just needed a few batteries for our key fobs. We had a fun day shopping and playing. Ate a great supper in Alma, a neat place called The Catfish Hole.


No pic from the 3rd.

Jake is my "little riser", always waking up bright and early on Saturdays and Sundays. For some reason it's the Mondays thru Fridays that are a real struggle! I'm sure someone can relate! Anyway, this is Joe and Jake walking down the driveway to get the paper on Sunday morning.

It's started! Basketball season! Jake gets a few last minute pointers from Coach Kevin. There was good news and bad news about the game...we lost, bad, but on an up note, Jake scored 4 points....the only points our team scored! We'll get better!

Anna has turned into the typical teenager......texting one of her 6,835 texts for the month! This number, 6835, is NOT a number I just pulled out of my head. It is the exact number of texts she had last month!!!

It was a beautiful day on the 7th. I went outside for a couple of pictures and I ended up staying for half an hour. One thing about dogs, they don't hide their face, or make a goofy face when you photograph them (over and over again).

Today I got to cash in on my Christmas present from Joe. He gave me a housekeeping service twice a month and today was my lucky day. They did a great job and gave me time to catch up on a little blog time!! Thanks sweetheart, you're the BEST!

Well, I guess that just about catches up to today. Anna is cheering this afternoon at 2 basketball games, then at 8:30 tonight Jake plays basketball. I hope we get a chance to grab a bite to eat and do homework between games!! It's gonna be a long night. See you tomorrow.

Bye for now!

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